Earn Up to £3000 in Your First Month

You know your tech inside and out, so why not make money doing what you enjoy? Toto connects you directly to users who need your tech expertise. Help them setup a new device, or maybe troubleshoot an older one. Become a local tech expert in your community.

Be Your Own Boss

Choose your hours and the tasks you take on. You decide when you want to work, where you work, and what you work on. With Toto, you make your own rules.

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How It Works

Here are the steps of our services:

Get Early Access

Accessing Toto is completely free. With your name and email, you’re already on your way to becoming a local tech expert. Sign up today!

Create Your Profile

Upload your photo and tell the Toto world a little bit about yourself. What are your skills? What do you enjoy working on the most?

Accept Job Offers

Once your profile is ready, take a look at job offers in the locations you've set. Choose the ones that best suit your time and your expertise.

Get Paid

When the job is done, your payment gets sent to you with no hassle. And you’re free to take on any other offers that pique your interest.

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Why Use Toto

Here are the steps of our services:

Earn More Money

By using toto app you can increase your income drastically.

Do What You Enjoy

What is better than doing the job you love and get paid from it?

Support When You Need It

Our 24/7 customer service will answer all of you questions.

Set Your Own Schedule

Working as your own boss would lead you to set your own schedule.

Grow At Your Own Pace

Plan, work, analyze and see how much you are close to your goal.

Track Your Earnings

Toto let's you track your income easily only with 1 touch.

Work Around Your Schedule

Pick up tech tasks around your current schedule. Chances are you’ve been the family/friend go-to for setting up new tech. You’ll be doing just that for the communities you’ve chosen – but this time, you’ll be compensated for it!

Whenever you find yourself with some free time, head into the Toto app and choose any task you like. Set your Toto schedule around your preferred times.

Grow at Your Own Pace

You’re courteous, professional, and you always ensure you’ve done the job both efficiently and correctly. Customers are raving about you on the Toto app with five-star reviews. Your rank is growing and future clients will take notice.

So keep those reviews coming, and maximize your earning potential!

Track Your Earnings

Every pound you’ve made through Toto is tracked for you on the app. You can look back and see which jobs had the highest earnings and accept future tasks accordingly. The app will also show you the busiest periods throughout the day and week so you can plan ahead.

Accept future tasks that will populate in your calendar, and Toto will estimate your earnings based on those upcoming jobs. Stay on top of your earnings by knowing how much you’ve made, when you made it, and how much you’re projected to make.